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Longrich Headquarters in Jiangshui, China

Longrich International – Weekly Income Business Opportunity of the 21st Century

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Watch Longrich’s Full Presentation and Read More below.

Longrich International Makes It Easy To Enjoy Weekly Income And Generational Wealth.

longrich international is here to stay. Depending on your salary alone is a dangerous act to fall for. With the increase in cost of products and services whiles the salary is still stagnant should tell you that you have to add extra streams of income. Whether working, student or unemployed, you can add an extra stream which not take much of your time but gives you much to be wealthy. If your dream is to;

  • be financially free,
  • be able to offer the best to your family and friends,
  • give better education to your love ones,
  • give the best to your community,
  • be able to support and help all those who needs your assistance,

then i recommend this opportunity for you.

If you are poor, it’s not your fault but if you die poor, it is your fault. – Bill gate.

There is more proof to this. That’s why you are on this page. The image below shows the weekly income of a member in Longrich International and this shows that you can make a lot to be financially free. It is not about being lucky but your willingness to make it happen.

longrich international weekly payments

You can see it clearly but which opportunity is that? It is called Longrich International. A business opportunity that has changed many lives in the world. Only 4 years in Ghana and more lives are transforming. A business opportunity that pays you weekly income, free trips abroad, offers scholarships to you and your children, free cars every year, house fund to buy the house of your dream, makes you a shareholder as a VIP member and a lot more. Our core reason for working so hard on this earth is to be happy. There is a system designed to help you achieve this goal and that is Longrich International.

Longrich International – What is it?

Longrich International is a multinational, manufacturing company headquartered in Jiangsu, China. Established in 1986 with its research and development institutions in other countries such as the United States, Japan, France and other countries. It is now presented in over 198 countries changing lives in all those places including USA, Ghana, Philippines, Cameroon, Cote d’ivoire, Mali, Nigeria and other countries. 

The Power of the Longrich Energy Shoes

Longrich is reputed for product quality, that’s why she manufactures products under OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for top notch companies like Nestle, Forbes, GSK, Carrefour, Walmart, Unilever, Marks and Spencer, Estee Launder, Avon, Elizabeth Arden, Samsung, Tesco, P&G, etc . These partners still work with Longrich International because they are trustworthy and produces quality products.

Since Longrich International is a manufacturing company, they  have over 2000 products and over 100 patents in different categories such as: Cosmetics, Health care, Wellness products, Household equipments, Furniture, Real Estate and Logistics.

They are also into agriculture, hotellery, banking and finance and more. In China, longrich International is not just a company but a big city.

If your aim is to produce products which you can sell on the market as your brand, you can contact Longrich and get everything set up under their OEM as a partner. What products are you thinking of? be it cosmetic products or health products? electronics or any other? Longrich can manufacture them for you to have it branded in your name as your own products and thats how the partners above enjoys our service. Kindly take some few seconds to watch the video below to know more of longrich and their achievements.

Longrich Introduction

Longrich International Hi Tech Manufacturing Factory For Africa

Longrich international is building a super hi tech manufacturing factory in Nigeria. This factory is to take care of the African market. In short, it is the first network marketing to have built their factory on the soil of Africa.

They are real and ready to do business with us whiles providing other amenities and jobs to Africans. It’s part of longrich’s project to construct a rice factory in Ghana in few months.

The best part is that, the Longrich International platform provides jobs to more than 60,000 peoples in Ghana. This includes those who earns weekly through their platform on part time bases. If that is in Ghana alone, what about the other countries. You can watch the construction of the Smart Hi Tech Factory video below:

Video showing the construction of the Longrich smart factory in Nigeria. Don’t be left behind, join us today: +233245636752

Longrich International Business. What is it ?

So what is this business all about that i am passionate for and  want you to plug yourself in before its late. Whats the idea behind and why does the company pays so much?

I am passionate about longrich for so many reasons and more simply because my eyes are open now to something most of us dont know they are goldmine in our houses. Over 92% in profits paid every member in longrich through their amazing compensation plan isn’t something to joke with.

Look, there are goldmines in your house and that of your friends which can you and your friends rich if you know it. The secret here is that, there are many things we consume in our homes such as toothpastes, soaps, body creams, mouth fresheners, sanitary napkins, hand creams, roll on’s and many more. Most of us buys them many times in a week and much more within the month.

We sometimes buy some for our dear ones and other family members simply because they are necessities. They are products you need to use them every time in the day. Your family needs them and everyone i know use them. The bad side here is that, we normally buy from our current brands and pay leaving without even thank you from these merchants.

The downside is also that, only the country representative of that brand in your country enjoys the incentives and cash awards such as cars, travels abroad, cash in millions for hitting country targets and many more when you uses those products. This means that, all the benefits that are supposed to come to you stays with this country representatives. That is why many brands have their country representatives riding big expensive cars, going on expensive vacations, sending their children to universities abroad, owning other big companies, huge amount of money in their bank accounts and enjoying better life with monies that should normally come to me and you. You can’t have all those incentives and cash because you are not the country’s representative. Its not a secret anymore.

Whiles you stick with your brand, they make more for themselves and it never a bad idea but what if you are considered the country representative in this matter of brand? what if you get paid for just using the company’s products ( which are products you are already using using at home) and telling others about it? Want to know how simple longrich business is all about? Watch the video below of Madam Obasi.

What to do after becoming a member?

Once you have registered via any level as a member, there are 2 things you need to do. Lets say as your job in this opportunity.

Switch your daily use consumables to longrich products and tell 3 of your friends or love ones to partner with you in longrich. Empower and work with them as a team. You all enjoy weekly income every Thursday.

  1. Switch your daily use products to longrich international  products as a member.

Switching to longrich brand here means that, join and start using longrich products. We all use products such as paste, soap and others in our house. So partner and get your membership code. Use the code to purchase any of the longrich products anytime you need them. Tell your friends and love ones to do the same.

2. Tell 3 of your friends (or more) or love ones to partner with you in longrich international.

The company requires you to sign up three (3) people i.e. share the VISION to three people and sign them up on any of the entry level listed above. Then you encourage them to do exactly what you did (i.e. also introduce the company to three (3) people and register them.). You can sign up more as well to support your team and advancement in your team. By doing that, you get paid extra income as leadership bonus and it takes you further in your ranking.


Why You Should Join Longrich international?

There are many reasons why you should join longrich. Looking at the other businesses, it is clear to succeed with longrich if you take it serious and act consistently with it.

The reason i love the longrich business is first because of their amazing organic products which works and has a lot of testimonials all around the country. Their compensation plan is the best with my experience in other network marketing. Other reasons include:

  • No forced selling – You are not forced to sell so if you are not good in selling and want to enjoy the business, why not jump in? For sure, you will use the products as far as the products are those you use at home. You can purchase for your personal use with some products such as the soap, paste, alkaline cup, roll on and more.
  • Products are Quality and affordable. – The longrich products are effective, quality and affordable. We all know that toothpaste is for brushing the teeth but do you know longrich toothpaste is the best aftershave? do you also know that the paste is your immediate solution to cuts or sores? Our sanitary pad protects you and deliver you from most stressful issues of the female reproductive system including fibroid when added with other products. Longrich has solutions to a lot of issues you have or of your friends and neighbors. To also add, they are affordable as well.

Others Include:

  • No time frame (no pressure):- No time frame to reach a certain level or diamond. You work at your own pace of time and as it best suits you. You are the boss here and its amazing.
  • Maximum of 3 legs: – You only need 3 peoples to start your team unlike in others which is 4 or 5.
  • No compulsory monthly purchases (target): – Its true the company has over 2000 products but there is no monthly purchases of products set for you. You purchase when you need them for yourself or want to sell. It is not compulsory to buy some products monthly like in most network marketing’s.
  • Unlimited accumulation of bonus points: – You can accumulate any amounts in points you want and remember that, the more points you accumulate, the more money you earn.
  • Leadership easily achieved.– You don’t work alone. The assistance come from all those in your team. That helps you to move up fast in ranks in longrich.
  • The company is 32 years with good standing both financially and trust – To deal with a company, look at the records of the company. More awards won as the best company in many areas. Watch the company introduction video to understand.
  • Earn weekly bonuses according to team’s activity and up to your last generation.
  • Single group can make money. – Even on one group, you make money as a bonus leg.
  • Two groups can achieve financial freedom. – You can reach financial freedom with 2 groups under you. Its all about your consistency.
  • Every Green Thursday, the company pays you commission/bonuses based on the weekly activities of your team into your (personal) local bank account.
  • Longrich plan encourages teamwork.
  • All expense paid trips,
  • Free brand new cars every year
  •   a house fund to buy the house of your dream – We all know the money involved when you decide to buy a house. Working with the company helps you to get your house fund to purchase your dream house.
  • You are allowed to select products of your choice.
  • No monthly autoship and many more


Apart from bonuses paid directly into your account every week based on your team’s volume there are other juicy bonuses and promos:


The company organizes minimum of three “ALL EXPENSE PAID” International trips annually for qualifying distributors to Malaysia, USA, China, Dubai, Greece, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and more.

  • CARS:

There are yearly Car promos; Longrich has awarded over 100 brand new cars within its first 4 years in Ghana!

  • HOUSE:

$150.000.00 house money is awarded from Star Director Level.

And these are just part of the extra bonus promos you get. There are free products and incentives such as laptops, Motorcycle, trips to Dubai, USA and many more for just buying and using the company’s  products from time to time. 


You get free scholarship for university studies in any course in China’s Harvard University (Soochow University) and Executive Master’s degree in Business Administration in USA (Regent University). You can will it to anyone you want to study abroad.

There are more to get in Longrich. Watch Ghana’s anniversary and award giving below:

Longrich Ghana 4th year anniversary.

Some Longrich Products And Their Benefits.

Superbklean Anion Sanitary Napkins and Panty Liners: (Ensures a painless menstrual flow, fights infection, Itching, Odour and irregular period, comes with indicators for testing for infection, very comfortable and eases stress.Etc)

Sod Milk Body Cream: (Smoothens the skin, suitable for all skin types)

The amazing Alkaline PI cup: (Ensures a supply of purified and PH balanced water all the time through the elimination of excess alkaline, chlorine and harmful metals)

White Tea Toothpaste: (Combats toothache and decay, ensures healthy gums and fresh breath all day)

Bamboo Essence Whitening Soap: (Eliminates Blackheads, Shaving bumps, Clears the skin and gives it a smooth and Youthful look) also clears Stretch marks.

Mouth Spray: (With minty flavour for a cleaner and fresher breath, also cures sore throat)

Arthro Super Reviver: (Strongly recommended for bone and joint aches, Rheumatism, Arthritis..Etc)

Nutri-V rich Slimming Drink: (For a healthy and slimmer appearance, suitable for Diabetic Patients, serves as meal replacement)

Nutri-V rich Raw Food Drink: (Helps in cancer management, boosting of the immune system and your overall health)

Calcium Chewable Tablets: (Supplements the needed calcium in your body, strengthens the bone and teeth)

Anti-per-spirant Dew: (Keeps you dry and fresh all day)

Mosquito Repellent Body Spray: (Keeps your body safe from mosquito bites for up to 8 hours)

Other Products include:

Hydrating Hand Cream: (Helps to soften the palms)

Sparkle Conditioning Shampoo: (With Pomegranate for smoothening out coarseness, elimination of dandruff, hair growth and revival etc)

Botanic Body Wash: (With moisturizing milk essence, Shea butter, honey extract, aloe essence etc. for moisturizing and smoothing of your skin, also gets rid of body odour).

Condensed Dish-washing Detergent and Laundry Liquid: (With natural formula that removes stubborn stains, mild and does not irritate the skin, simultaneous cleansing)

LIBAO: (Male fertility Supplement).

Mengoian: Female Fertility Supplement.

Longrich Health Wine: (Eliminates bone and joint aches, Boosts Libido, recommended for the elderly and people who experience stress daily)

Constipation (Green)Tea: (Eases digestion and cures pile and indigestion)

Blood Fat Reducing: (Brown) Tea (Helps in weight loss) mainly for reducing sugar level. For high B.P and lowering of cholesterol.

Slimming (Pink)Tea: (Helps in weight loss)

Cordyceps Coffee Decaffeinated coffee: (Nutritious and keeps you vibrant all day)

Classy Style Cooking Pot: (Retains the natural nutrients in food, eliminating the chances of eating overcooked food, prevents spoilage even without warming).

Cordyceps Militaris: Powerful Anti-biotic, used for treating wide range of infection caused by bacteria, e.g. Tuberculosis, Staphylococcus, and even HIV.

How to Become a Member or Join Longrich.

Registration is free! But to become a MEMBER or DISTRIBUTOR and benefit from this great business opportunity,you need to first choose any of these entry packages  at any of the longrich office and stockist offices according to your financial strength.

You may also need a sponsor and placement details to complete your registration which you can call or whatsapp me for them on +233 245636752.  Call or whatsapp me for these details for your registration no matter where you are in the world.

You can also fill a registration form here, make payment to longrich international’s mobile money or bank account, get your registration done and have your products delivered to your door step. Kindly click here to fill the form now.

So this are the 2 ways to get your registration done with longrich international.

  • Visit any longrich stockist center around your place for your registration with the sponsor and placement details (Which you need to contact me now for them)
  • Decide which entry level to start with, Make your payment of the package to Longrich’s account or mobile money ( Will need to enter Transaction code on the registration form), fill the form and send details, Registration will be done and products delivered to the address filled on the form.

The second option is to also help those who cant have the time to visit any stockist for their registration. No matter which option you want to choose, kindly contact me today to assist you.

With this, it means anyone can register into Longrich and start making money weekly with them. And the good news is that, you simply choose products to those point values of the entry package you are a member. Though some promo entries have fixed products. In all, you get back your entry package fee back in a form of products with profits which you can resell or use.


longrich entry levels

longrich entry levels


This is a promo package normally for those interested but have not enough money to choose some of the main entry packages. The aim is to choose this and upgrade later to higher packages by buying products or paying the differences left to be in the package you dream of.

Position/Status:  STARTER PACK

Registration amount:  GHC 152

Point Value (PV): 4PV

Performance Bonus (%): 0%

Earns in fast start bonuses, leadership bonus and more. But it’s better to upgrade as fast as possible to higher packages.

Products: – 2 Body creams, A hand cream, Longrich Dew, 200g Toothpaste.

  • VIP

Position/Status:  VIP

Registration amount (N):  GH¢11,500

Point Value (PV): 1680PV

Performance Bonus (%): 12%

Also note that, as a VIP member you earn 1% share of Global sales.

Note: You are allowed to select products of your choice worth your money with this package!


Position/Status : PLATINUM

Registration amount (N): GH¢7,500

Point Value (PV): 720PV

Performance Bonus (%) : 12%

Note: You are allowed to select products of your choice worth your money with this package!

  • GOLD

Position/Status : GOLD

Registration amount (N): GH¢1,750

Point Value (PV): 240PV

Performance Bonus (%) : 10%

Note: You are allowed to select products of your choice worth your money with this package!


Position/Status : SILVER

Registration amount (N): GH¢950

Point Value (PV): 120PV

Performance Bonus (%) : 8%

Note: You are allowed to select products of your choice worth your money with this package!

The Compensation Plan

Kindly watch the Longrich Compensation Plan Video to understand it better.
  • Performance bonus:

Your entry status as

Q Silver : Lets you enjoy 8% in performance bonus.

Silver (8%), Gold (10%)

Platinum / VIP (12%) determines earnings power, PB is paid weekly on all generations to infinity

  • Development bonus:

(10% flat) paid on 2 of the highest Points per level the bonus leg.

  • Leadership bonus:

(10% – 45%) paid on sponsorship tree up to 12 generations.

  • Retail order bonus:

(25%- 45%) paid on retail/repeat orders.


  • VIP incentive: (earn 1% of Longrich Global Sales every cycle. Can be converted to Travel/car/house)
  • Worldwide incentive: (earned from Diamond 4 level and above) 2.5% of company’s  global sales
  • Star director’s worldwide Incentive: (earn 2.5% of company’s Global sales)
  • And many more!

The earnings potential in this business is huge; all that is required is DRIVE, PASSION, PERSISTENCE, and ACTION. The earnings percentages increase as you move up the marketing plan unlike in other networks that it decreases; your earnings increases and explodes as your team grows, that’s why it’s possible for a distributor who has only been in the business for only 6 months to earn more than GHC70,000 monthly, qualify for trips and cars…. performance bonus is paid on all generations (i.e. your down lines) till infinity. The compensation is Superb and highly generous, and will lead to true financial freedom but you must WORK to achieve it, if you wait for a perfect condition will never get started, the best time to start is NOW….  Watch the compensation plan video to understand the different ways you get paid in Longrich:

In LONGRICH, you earn in many interesting ways:

  • Performance bonus;
  • Development bonus
  • Leadership bonus
  • Repeat order bonus
  • VIP incentive
  • Retail Profits
  • Fast start bonus
  • Worldwide incentive
  • Star director incentive …etc!


  • Pre-Diamond to Diamond 7
  • 1 Star Director
  • 2 Star Director
  • 3 Star Director
  • 4 Star Director
  • 5 Star Director

Work on systems that works and pays a lot to transform your life. Don’t delay in joining Longrich. Lets talk today – Whatsapp or call to talk business today.

Work what works. Choose a system that transform lives.

There is more room to start your business in longrich and change many lives. You don’t know what this business reserves for you and all those that you know. Maybe you are the breakthrough for someone. Join today and lets work together with the team. If interested in longrich and want to start the business or join our team, kindly whatsapp or call me now on:

HEWARD NANA MILLS BOATENG: +233245636752 (Whatsapp or Call now) to assist you today.

Do you want to contact me, great! Kindly click here to use our contact us form.

Are you already in Longrich? Do you have a testimonial? What can you say about Longrich and the business? We will be glad to know how best you are faring in the business to inspire others as well. Leave us more of your experience with longrich today.

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