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Benefits of Longrich over other MLM’s.

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Before joining any relational type of business, there are many things you need to consider. From the good standing of the company to their compensation plan, you need to check it’s weight if you can do it and max it in few years?. Many are those business which pays you nothing at all if you don’t pay your autoship each month. Others pays you not a single dime when you don’t recruit new referrals in the month. From studying other business I was able to spot that, Longrich has some benefits above other MLM companies and its the motivation for you to join it now. Below are some of the other benefits:

  • Maximum of 3 legs.
  • No time frame (no pressure).
  • No compulsory monthly purchases (target).
  • Unlimited accumulation of bonus points.
  • Leadership easily achieved.
  • Products are Quality and affordable.
  • No sales accumulated target.
  • Earn weekly bonuses according to team’s activity.
  • Earn bonuses to our last generation.
  • We are expected to have only 3 down lines.
  • No pressure.
  • Single group can make money.
  • Two groups can achieve financial freedom.
  • Every Green Thursday, the company pays you commission/bonuses based on the weekly activities of your team into your (personal) local bank account.
  • Longrich plan encourages teamwork.
  • Reason why you grow as your team grows.
  • Note that you are also rewarded with trips, cars and house when you meet certain criteria.
  • No monthly products purchase target.
  • You are allowed to select products of your choice.

It is now clear that, even a corporate worker who can allocate an hour into building Longrich can still make money every week.

Don’t think its not possible. It all stand on the fact that you are ready to make it happen.

Let’s hold hands tight and build the future with Longrich International. Join our team (TRUST WEALTH INTERNATIONAL) today.

Trust Wealth International – Who we are and our Mission:

Trust Wealth International was created out of passion to help everyone in the world to create amazing wealth for a better world. With over thousands of members and still counting, we want to help the youth, aged and all those who want to change their life’s and create wealth for the generations to come.

Our Missions:

We believe in a happy world. Many are those stressed in the corporate world because they don’t get paid what they are supposed to earn. Many unemployed to show their talents they have in them. Many youths with dream but no funds to execute them. Our mission is to build a huge team of wealth creators who not only make extra income aside their jobs or their talents but also travels and enjoy the lifestyle they always dream of. Our dream is to see a better World with no poverty but happiness.

In partnership with Longrich and with the total assistance of the team, we will be reaching our goals easily.

Join Us Today!

Are you looking for an extra way of making income no matter who you are?

Whether a government worker, student, maid or whatever, you are welcome to the Trust Wealth International. Just contact us now on: +233245636752 – (HEWARD)…OR contact us now on : nanaheward4@gmail.com

Any suggestion? Any comment? Let us know in the comment section. Kindly share for sharing is caring.


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