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How to join or register for Longrich.

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To join longrich international, all you need to do is to go to any of their offices with any of the following necessary information that i will states below.The plan is simple since Longrich is here to help you build your home business as an entrepreneur, make residual income and connect you to God’s divine plan and purpose for your life.

“Everyone wants to be financially free, but have no good platform for it. The customized Longrich marketing plan, provides a business platform to realize everyone dream, as long as he/she is PERSISTENT pursuing in this platform, and will succeed”.  …. By: Xu Zhiwei (Chairman of Longrich)

Our Freedom Plan

Source: Longrichglobe


The first step is to become a member in accordance to the freedom plan is to visit any of the longrich offices or stockist centers for the registration. Get in and request for the registration form. There, choose any of the packages or entry levels to start. Remember that, the package or entry level choosed will be given to you in products making the registration free for you. Its like you are buying some amount of products to be considered a member.You can also call me on : +233 245636752 to help you with the registration.

You can also send me the details below or whatsapp me the details to complete your registration and then deliver your products to you as fast as possible. All depends on how fast you want your registration done.

now, lets continue! The table below is the membership entry level chart which shows the different package you can choose from to register.

                                                      Membership Entry Level
 S/N  Entry Levels  Qualification  Ranking  Amount  percentage
 1  Platinum VIP  1680 PV  Diamond 2   ¢11500  12% + 1% GS
 2   Platinum  720PV  Diamond 1   ¢7500  12%
 3  Gold  240PV  Pre-Diamond   ¢1750  10%
 4  Silver  120PV  Pre-Diamond   ¢950  8%
 5  QSilver  60PV   Pre-Diamond  ¢570  8%
 6  Combo  4PV   Pre-Diamond   ¢152 N/A 

NOTE: Each entry level has its benefits and you can choose a small entry level and later upgrade to reach higher packs. The Combo and Qsilver has their own default products after registration but the others does not. You can decide yourself the products you want.

On the registration form, fill the following details:


Sponsor code: GH01246135

Sponsor name: Heward 00

Placement code: GH01946325
Placement Name: REGINA BOADI

Note: If incase the placement code used is already having its 3 members, kindly call me on : +233 245636752 to give you another code. Though, we keep on updating it on this site.

Applicant’s Name: Enter your full name or if you want to create account for your company, any of your children or ….. write it in the applicant name.

Gender: Tick your option. If male,tick it. If female too, tick it.

Phone no: Enter your phone number.

City/State: Enter your city and the region in the state area.

Date of birth: Enter your date of birth there.

Email: enter email address. If you don’t have, leave it blank.

Name of bank: Enter your bank name
Account holders name: Enter your name used for your bank registration.
Acct no: enter account number -normally for payments every week.

After filling the form, give it to the stoockist to go through and sign. After signature, the stockist will insert your details to the computer in order to receive your membership code to login to your account.

Contact Heward Now (+233 245636752) if you have any further questions on how to join longrich international in any country of your base.

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  1. Hello i want to register for longricb

    • Souad, contact me now to help you with the registration…. +233245636752. You can WhatsApp me as well.

  2. *can

  3. Hi I want to join longrich but I don’t wanna sell it, I want to buy products for myself and my family. Am I allowed to join?

    • Maropeng, yes you are allowed to. The longrich business is much focused on members using the products exactly as you said. The most important part is telling your friends and others to change their brands and use it as well. Will be glad to assist you and offer you the necessary explanation about it. Just Whatsapp me now on: +233245636752.

      • lwarence Amarteifio

        i want to join the longrich

        • Kindly whatsapp me on +233245363752 to assist you to be a member.

        • Bello Faisat Omolara

          Hello am Bello Faisat Omolara from university of Ilorin, Ilorin Nigeria am so interest in joining long rich how should I register. I want you to help me.

          • Bello, how are you doing? Its really great hearing from you. Lets chat on +233245636752 through whatsapp if you have to discuss how you can join Longrich in your country. Its simple…just contact me.

        • Iwarence, Kindly contact or WhatsApp me on +233245636752 to assist you.

  4. I really want to join longrich help me

    • Sandra, it will be my greatest pleasure to assist you to be on board. Whatsapp or contact me on +233245636752 to help you.


    I want to join longrich

  6. Titanawa idrisu

    Nice and interesting but my worried here is that if someone join this business and couldn’t be able to bring in members can get any benefit or point?

    • That’s indeed the worries of many peoples but through trainings offered, there is no way you cannot get peoples under or your members will decide not to refer or purchase products. If it becomes this way, its either they were forced or they are not ready for it.
      Though, understand that Longrich is not a one man business. If the other members which are your uplines are working, they will surely put peoples in your team which will help you earn income as well and that’s done through prospection, presentations and closing them up. So, all i can say is unless you decide to quit, you cannot fail in longrich even if your first three are not working because if you keep referring others to the team, they will work and make you money. The whole secret is keep referring and training them. You can contact or whatsapp me on +233245636752.

    • Understand that the business is not a one man business. It is team business of which the efforts of the team places peoples under you and makes you weekly commissions including the incentives. Just contact me on +233245636752 to talk more about that.

  7. How can I join long rich in Kenya

  8. George Madison Nkwiza Jumbo

    How do I join longrich here in Malawi? My WhatsApp number is +265 995576566

  9. Olaniyan christiana

    How can I join from uk

    • Christy, kindly WhatsApp me on +233245636752 to give you all the information that you need.

  10. How can I join from uk

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