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Longrich Ghana Entry Levels

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1⃣ Starter Pack 2– GH¢152
Point Value: 4 PV

(2 Body Creams, 2 Hand Creams, 1 Toothpaste & 1 Antiperspirant Dew)

Referral bonuses: GH¢41

2⃣  Q-Silver-GH¢570
Point Value: 60 PV

(1 Soap, 1 Alkaline Cup, 1 Shampoo, 1 Body Wash 1 Mouth Freshener, 2 Toothpaste, 2 Hand Creams and 3 Body Creams.)

Referral bonus: GH¢115

3⃣ Fast Track Combo-GHc850
Point Value: 105 PV

(1 Box of Sanitary Napkin 4in1, 1 Arthro Reviver, 1 Mosquito Repellent, 1 Bamboo Charcoal Soap, 5 Calcium, 1 Toothpaste, 1 Mouth Freshener)

Referral bonus: GH¢190


1⃣. Silver Level
-Minimum PV required: 120
-Estimated amount: ¢950
-Earning: 8% weekly on team PVs

2⃣. Gold Level
-Minimum PV required: 240
-Estimated amount: ¢1,750
-Earning: 10% weekly on team PVs

3⃣. Platinum Level
-Minimum PV required: 720
-Estimated amount: ¢7,500
-Earning: 12% weekly on team PVs

-Minimum PV required: 1,680
-Estimated amount: ¢11,500
-Earning: 12% weekly on team PVs plus 1% extra monthly
(The 1% is global profit share for all VIPs across the globe)


Applicant’s Name:
Phone no:
Date of birth:
Name of bank:
Acct name:
Acct no:
Sponsor Name & Code:
Placement Name & Code:

After registration, you will be given your unique membership code for login.

Go to www.logliqicn.cn and login.

Thank you

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