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Solomon Changed his life with Longrich. What about You.

Make Money Weekly With Longrich.

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Make money weekly with longrich – Solomon did it, You can do it.

Make money weekly with Longrich International and is it possible? Solomon Okyere standing by the right side in the picture above is one of the great leaders we have in Longrich today. Out of an amazing experience which to many may be a draw back, became the big push for his success today.

To your surprised, he makes more than 15,000 weekly and that is amazing to be earning such in LONGRICH as a member but how did it all started?

I will start by saying that, if God says YES, no one can say NO. No matter the financial crisis you are going through, if your time comes, no one can stop you. No matter the circumstances, if the time comes…you will reign and all those who were against you will become your biggest fans.

Solomon was from a poor family of which the only person taking care of him and his other siblings is the Mother. The only way they could survive is through selling of bothloaf and other articles in the traffic light and stations. Because of this , he sometimes misses school hours and go late because he needs to sell and get something before going to school.

One day in his daily selling duty, came across an ad on a piece of paper which states that a company is offering a job. He quickly went for it but to his amazement, the so called job turns out to be business and guess what – The longrich Business.

Whiles thinking about it during one of his hawking periods, he came across presentation of the opportunity and with boldness , entered though thinking the opportunity is for the rich and not the poor like him.

Make money weekly with longrich
Magdid in Longrich Business. Time to wake up. Get in touch today.

He Realized It Was An Amazing Opportunity.

From the opportunity , he understood that its an amazing opportunity as far as you just use the company’s products, tell just 3 of your friends to also partner and through team building, Make money weekly with longrich with free incentives like cars, travels abroad, scholarships, house and more.

But another challenge was money to join… He quickly went home for the money given to him to pay for his West African Examination  at the Senior High School level to register. This means, he wasn’t able to register for the exams that year and needed to dropout.

How many of us can take this bold step? He saw the opportunity and grabbed it. You may even have some money but still think for 2 months before taking the opportunity. Some of us still needs to let their pastors pray and fast…but look, the more time you waste, the more money that slips through.

Make money weekly with longrich – Bold Decision Needed.

Just take the bold decision and you will see how great you have invested your money. There are peoples who started with just ¢152 in my team and now Gold members of ¢1750 package. Others with Platinum of ¢7500 package without even using their money but because the products are great, they were moved up the entry level by the number of products they used and those their friends and customers bought including some commissions earned in the business.

When you upgrade to silver, you enjoy all the bonuses which includes:

  • Performance bonus of 8%.
  • Development bonus
  • Leadership bonus
  • Retails bonus
  • Retail order bonus
  • And many other in the compensation plan of the company.

Gold also enjoys 10% in performance bonus including all the other bonuses.

Platinum enjoys 12% in performance bonus including all the other bonuses.

VIP enjoys 12% in performance bonus including all the other bonuses in addition to a share of the 1% global profits of the company.

The incentives such as travels abroad, cars, house, scholarships and the others all goes for the different entry levels.

Also note that, the business is not one man business. You work as a team and your success is based on the efforts of you and your team. Its the best retirement plan you can have.

Big Weekly Earnings Started.

Solomon registered and in few months, after getting paid weekly qualified for his first trip to both Dubai and China. He invested much of himself into it. Presentations here and there. Working with his team and many more. That gave a boost to the team and today, Solomon is part of the top leaders.

In few months after coming back from his trip, qualified for his first car and now with at least 3 cars all qualified from the business. He took a bold decision and its now paying off. If you are behind a company that’s real, you shouldn’t be afraid to go forward with it. Longrich is know all over the world because of the numerous awards, certificates and partners who trust and are working with them.

Look, opportunity comes but once. Maybe, you are the next Solomon Okyere but you don’t know. Longrich is the only business that even pays you on one leg, no forces selling and no autoship.

There is a lot of opportunities with Longrich and the good news is that, you can handle this business part time whiles still going on your normal business. Don’t let someone confuse you… those taking big weekly income in Longrich are human beings like you. Don’t be there thinking there is no job or money in this country.

Get on board today and get all the necessary trainings and support. All the tools and motivation to grow your business even if its part time. And at least, make money weekly with longrich which can better pay for other needs or be invested for extra income.

Great Entry Packages For Everyone.

There are packages for everyone no matter your class. Whether poor or rich, student or director of a company, servant or master. The different packages we have can get you started.

The starter pack comprises of great products which you can start with and cost just ¢152. Not only the package gives you great products, it also offers you sponsor bonus on 3 level’s which makes an in flow of cash in your team.

You can upgrade though the usage or recommending of the products to Q Silver which cost ¢570 but for upgrading, you will just pay the difference from the starter pack. So the 570 – 152 .

Immediately you are Q silver, not only you still enjoy all the sponsor bonus on 3 levels of the starter pack members who joins your team by your referred members, you again enjoy ¢ 115 anytime you signed up a member who starts with Q silver.

That’s not all, you also enjoy a performance bonus of 8% from the activity of the team after having at least 2 peoples in your team and having Longrich point values flowing in both or all of them weekly.

So what are you waiting for to join Longrich?

As far as the company’s products are good and peoples goes for it everyday, the same way you will be earning from it for life.

Don’t just read and leave the page without taking your spot. Even if you can start small, do it. Just chat me up now on WhatsApp or call today to get you assist you. No matter where you are, you can join the opportunity and build another stream of income today.

Contact Heward on:

WhatsApp: +233245636752

Call: +233245636752

Email: nanaheward4@gmail.com

The time is now to monetize the little products you use at home. The time to know that, there are goldmines in your house.

You never knew that the paste, roll on and other products like body creams, soap and other products you can imagine can be gotten from Longrich which at the end, be an income source to create wealth for you and your family. Our eyes are open now. Have yours opened too.

The economy is so hard with huge bills to pay. School fees and school resources to buy. Certain dream stuffs to have but if all is weighing on your meagre salary, there is problem. Simply call me today to help you set up a passive income business which pays off great dividends with Longrich. I have done it and it is working. Our actor Magdid Michelle is doing it. Great men and celebrities are doing it. Why not you? Trust me, it works… Just get in touch with me now.

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