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What is Longrich International?

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Longrich International is a multinational, manufacturing company headquartered in Jiangsu, China, established in 1986 with its research and development institutions in other countries such as the United States, Japan, France. Longrich has over 1000 products and over 100 patents in different categories such as: Cosmetics, Health care, Wellness products, Household equipments, Furniture, Real Estate and Logistics. Longrich is reputed for product quality, that’s why she manufactures products under OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for top notch companies like Nestle, Forbes, GSK, Carrefour, Walmart, Unilever, Marks and Spencer, Estee Launder, Avon, Elizabeth Arden, Samsung, Tesco, P&G, etc .


Longrich has the largest and most advanced centre for the research, development, manufacturing and sales of cosmetics and health care products in China; with products in several countries.

The company’s Chairman Zu Zhiwei is one of China’s leading Entrepreneurs. The Company has consistently been listed annually in the Direct Selling News (DSN) magazine among the top 100 direct sales companies in the world since 2012. The Company is rated 42nd in 2014 Direct selling news (DSN) top 100 MLM companies in the world. The company owns 3% of China’s GDP & a 5Star Hotel. Longrich Company Ltd has its institution in America and has its production centre in Japan, America and China. They have been in operation Globally for 30years and are spreading their tentacles to all continents. They are currently in other continents and spreading in Africa. They are ISO (International standard organization) certified.

Top quality, unique and highly effective products by Longrich include Superbklean Anion sanitary napkins and pantyliners, Mosquito Repellent Spray, Bamboo Charcoal Soap, White Tea Nourishing soap, Toothpaste, Antiperspirant, Energy Cup, SOD Body Cream, Moisturizing Body Wash, Mouth fresheners, Hand Cream, Shampoo, Immune system boosting Wine, Calcuim, NutriVRich Raw Food Instant Fruit and Vegetable Drink, Decaffeinated Cordycep Coffee, Green Tea, Slimming Tea, Arthro SupReviver, Bone-M, Fertility supplements, Cordyceps Militaris, Shenxing Sea Buckthorn Berry oil, A plus Energy shoes, Classy style Energy Pot, Phone, Laundry and cleaning agents, etc…. and the video below gives you the introduction of the company with the different achievements and what they do. Watch it beow:


The real deal is in achieving FINANCIAL FREEDOM through their opportunity or platform offered by Longrich If you decide to become a distributor. Longrich distributes its innovative products through highly motivated independent distributors using Networking Marketing method, but unlike other network marketing companies it offers greater profitability and flexibility.

You are simply expected to bring in 3 people when you join, with the support offered by the team/club, those 3 people are taught, trained and encouraged to each duplicate to get their own 3, the business is fun extremely exciting and rewarding.


Apart from bonuses paid directly into your account every week based on your team’s volume there are other juicy bonuses and promos:


The company organizes minimum of three “ALL EXPENSE PAID” International trips annually for qualifying distributors, in 2014, we had trips to Malaysia (FEB), USA (AUG) and China (DEC). In 2015, there were trips to Europe (France, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy), Dubai, Ghana, USA, and China.

  • CARS:

There are yearly Car promos; Longrich has awarded over 300 brand new cars within its first 3 years in Nigeria!

Ghana has received 8 cars within a year in existence starting 23rd May 2015 – 2nd March 2016.

  • HOUSE:

$150.000.00 house money is awarded from Star Director Level.

And these are just part of the extra bonus promos you get. There are free products and incentives such as laptops, Motorcycle, trips to Dubai,USA and many more for just buying and using the company’s  products from time to time. So how do you become a member or distributor?. 

To make it easier to understand, you can watch this short presentation to understand what exactly is the longrich business. Check the video below:


Registration is free! But to become a MEMBER or DISTRIBUTOR and benefit from this great business opportunity,you need to first choose any of these entry packages  at any of the longrich office and stockist offices according to your financial strength. This means, anyone can register into Longrich and start making money weekly with them. And the good news is that, you simply choose products to those point values of the entry package you choose and you are a member. Though some promo entries have fixed products. In all, you get back your entry package fee back in a form of products with profits which you can resell or use.


These are the entry level packages and its best explained below…

The image below also shows the prices in other countries.


This is a promo package in Ghana normally for those interested but have not enough money to choose some of the main entry packages. The aim is to choose this and upgrade later to higher packages by buying products or paying the differences left to be in the package you dream of.

Position/Status:  STARTER PACK

Registration amount (N):  GHC 152

Point Value (PV): 4PV

Performance Bonus (%): 0%

Earns in fast start bonuses, leadership bonus and more. But it’s better to upgrade as fast as possible to higher packages.

Products: – 2 Body creams, A hand cream, Longrich Dew, 200g Toothpaste.

  • VIP

Position/Status:  VIP

Registration amount (N):  GH¢11,500

Point Value (PV): 1680PV

Performance Bonus (%): 12%

Also note that, as a VIP member you earn 1% share of Global sales.

Note: You are allowed to select products of your choice worth your money with this package!


Position/Status : PLATINUM

Registration amount (N): GH¢7,500

Point Value (PV): 720PV

Performance Bonus (%) : 12%

Note: You are allowed to select products of your choice worth your money with this package!

  • GOLD

Position/Status : GOLD

Registration amount (N): GH¢1,750

Point Value (PV): 240PV

Performance Bonus (%) : 10%

Note: You are allowed to select products of your choice worth your money with this package!


Position/Status : SILVER

Registration amount (N): GH¢950

Point Value (PV): 120PV

Performance Bonus (%) : 8%

Note: You are allowed to select products of your choice worth your money with this package!


Once you have registered via any level as listed above, the company requires you to sign up three (3) people i.e. share the VISION to three people and sign them up on any of the entry level listed above. Then you encourage them to do exactly what you did (i.e. also introduce the company to three (3) people and register them.)

Upon registration, products worth the amounts of your choice are supplied to you immediately. If there will be delays, you will be informed before time. Upon registration, a page is created for you on http://www.longliqicn.cn/login.html ; with your distributor ID and password you can access your page and monitor your activities, bonuses, and incentives awarded.

You can register someone in any of the categories and there is room for upgrade to the next level. You are expected to have 3 downlines as your first generation and each down lines to have 3 each and so on and so forth. All these form your generation till infinity and bonuses are awarded in each level you attain.

As a distributor in any of the categories, you register 3 people. Bonuses are paid weekly. As a sponsor you also earn directly a bonus from your generation outside your first. This network makes you earn to the last generation of your team. The compensation plan is very competitive and encouraging.

LONGRICH is a Multinational Company who distributes their products through Multi-Level Marketing using direct sales plan. Longrich provides a solid platform for distributors who are bound to succeed as long as they turn their dreams into persistent pursuits. Longrich has an advanced and powerful COMPENSATION PLAN which offers greater profitability. It eliminates the pitfalls, drawbacks and weaknesses of traditional network marketing systems and propels you straight to FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

Other benefits of Longrich above other MLM companies:

1. Maximum of 3 legs.

2. No time frame (no pressure).

3. No compulsory monthly purchases (target).

4. Unlimited accumulation of bonus points.

5. Leadership easily achieved.

6. Products are Quality and affordable.

7. No sales accumulated target.

8. Earn weekly bonuses according to team’s activity.

9. Earn bonuses to our last generation.

10. We are expected to have only 3 down lines.

11. No pressure.

12. Single group can make money.

13. Two groups can achieve financial freedom.

14. Every Green Thursday, the company pays you commission/bonuses based on the weekly activities of your team into your (personal) local bank account.

15. Longrich plan encourages teamwork.

16. Reason why you grow as your team grows.

17. Note that you are also rewarded with trips, cars and house when you meet certain criteria.

18. No monthly products purchase target.

19. You are allowed to select products of your choice.


  • Performance bonus:

Your entry status as

Silver (8%)

Gold (10%)

Platinum / VIP (12%) determines earnings power, PB is paid weekly on all generations to infinity

  • Development bonus:

(10% flat) paid on 2 of the highest Points per level the bonus leg.

  • Leadership bonus:

(10% – 45%) paid on sponsorship tree up to 12 generations.

  • Retail order bonus:

(25%- 50%) paid on retail/repeat orders.

  • VIP incentive: (earn 1% of Longrich Global Sales every cycle. Can be converted to Travel/car/house)
  • Worldwide incentive: (earned from Diamond 4 level and above) 2.5% of company’s  global sales
  • Star director’s worldwide Incentive: (earn 2.5% of company’s Global sales)

The earnings potential in this business is huge; all that is required is DRIVE, PASSION, PERSISTENCE, and ACTION. The earnings percentages increase as you move up the marketing plan unlike in other networks that it decreases; your earnings increases and explodes as your team grows, that’s why it’s possible for a distributor who has only been in the business for only 6 months to earn 4 million monthly, qualify for trips and cars…. performance bonus is paid on all generations (i.e. your down lines) till infinity. The compensation is Superb and highly generous, and will lead to true financial freedom but you must WORK to achieve it, if you wait for a perfect condition will never get started, the best time to start is NOW…. You can watch the compensation plan video below:

In LONGRICH, you earn in seven interesting ways:

  • Performance bonus
  • Development bonus
  • Leadership bonus
  • Repeat order bonus
  • VIP incentive
  • Worldwide incentive
  • Star director incentive


  • Pre-Diamond
  • Diamond 1
  • Diamond 2
  • Diamond 3
  • Diamond 4
  • Diamond 5
  • Diamond 6
  • Diamond 7
  • 1 Star Director
  • 2 Star Director
  • 3 Star Director
  • 4 Star Director
  • 5 Star Director

Watch this video below to learn more about the longrich compensation plan:


  1. Mouth freshener
  2. Antiperspirant Dew
  3. Mosquito repellent spray
  4. Hand cream
  5. Toothpaste
  6. Body cream
  7. Bamboo Soap
  8. Shampoo
  9. Body wash


  1. Sanitary napkins (mix)
  2. Panty liners (also for men)
  3. Sanitary napkins (Heavy flow)


  1. Green (Xinchang) tea
  2. Slimming tea
  3. Blood fat reducing(Tianjiang) tea
  4. Calcium
  5. Arthro
  6. Libao (male fertility)
  7. Mengoian (female fertility)
  8. Berry oil
  9. Cordyceps


  1. Health wine
  2. Cordycep coffee
  3. Nutri-V Rich Pink
  4. Nutri-V Rich Blue


  1. Alkaline cup
  2. Energy Pot (24cm)
  3. Energy Pot (28cm)

The LONGRICH Products

Superbklean Anion Sanitary Napkins and Panty Liners: (Ensures a painless menstrual flow, fights infection, Itching, Odour and irregular period, comes with indicators for testing for infection, very comfortable and eases stress.Etc)

Sod Milk Body Cream: (Smoothens the skin, suitable for all skin types)

The amazing Alkaline PI cup: (Ensures a supply of purified and PH balanced water all the time through the elimination of excess alkaline, chlorine and harmful metals)

White Tea Toothpaste: (Combats toothache and decay, ensures healthy gums and fresh breath all day)

Bamboo Essence Whitening Soap: (Eliminates Blackheads, Shaving bumps, Clears the skin and gives it a smooth and Youthful look) also clears Stretch marks.

Mouth Spray: (With minty flavour for a cleaner and fresher breath, also cures sore throat)

Arthro Super Reviver: (Strongly recommended for bone and joint aches, Rheumatism, Arthritis..Etc)

Nutri-V rich Slimming Drink: (For a healthy and slimmer appearance, suitable for Diabetic Patients, serves as meal replacement)

Nutri-V rich Raw Food Drink: (Helps in cancer management, boosting of the immune system and your overall health)

Calcium Chewable Tablets: (Supplements the needed calcium in your body, strengthens the bone and teeth)

Anti-per-spirant Dew: (Keeps you dry and fresh all day)

Mosquito Repellent Body Spray: (Keeps your body safe from mosquito bites for up to 8 hours)

Hydrating Hand Cream: (Helps to soften the palms)

Sparkle Conditioning Shampoo: (With Pomegranate for smoothening out coarseness, elimination of dandruff, hair growth and revival etc)

Botanic Body Wash: (With moisturizing milk essence, Shea butter, honey extract, aloe essence etc. for moisturizing and smoothing of your skin, also gets rid of body odour).

Condensed Dish-washing Detergent and Laundry Liquid: (With natural formula that removes stubborn stains, mild and does not irritate the skin, simultaneous cleansing)

LIBAO: (Male fertility Supplement).

Mengoian: Female Fertility Supplement.

Longrich Health Wine: (Eliminates bone and joint aches, Boosts Libido, recommended for the elderly and people who experience stress daily)

Constipation (Green)Tea: (Eases digestion and cures pile and indigestion)

Blood Fat Reducing: (Brown) Tea (Helps in weight loss) mainly for reducing sugar level. For high B.P and lowering of cholesterol.

Slimming (Pink)Tea: (Helps in weight loss)

Cordyceps Coffee Decaffeinated coffee: (Nutritious and keeps you vibrant all day)

Classy Style Cooking Pot: (Retains the natural nutrients in food, eliminating the chances of eating overcooked food, prevents spoilage even without warming).

Cordyceps Militaris: Powerful Anti-biotic, used for treating wide range of infection caused by bacteria, e.g. Tuberculosis, Staphylococcus, and even HIV.


Below is a Testimony from Oluchi, a Longrich high Earner:

She is a lady that focused fully on LONGRICH. She was a former bank manager and a close friend; she left the bank the bank when heavy pays started rolling in weekly from LONGRICH.

“I had searched for ‘freedom’ all through my employee years in the corporate sector without luck, freedom to make my own choices…when I had almost given up hope, Thanks be to God who directed my steps in a most funny circumstance to this amazing coy 2 years ago. Longrich is not only helping me create a lifestyle I’ve always longed for; it has also helped me assist others to create a life they never dreamed of achieving. Not just the good weekly income, the company has helped actualize my passion to travel the world with my family at zero cost.”

Below is a Testimony from another Longrich Earner

I have joined so many network for years that are into MLM, like Getaway club, club freedom, travel club, Tianshi, GNLD, Kedi, forever living etc; but I have not seen a paid program and easy to move as Longrich. This is really working thousand times than any other network program. Imagine getting paid salary every Thursday of every week after your first 5 week of joining either you are working or not as long as you have registered 2 people or 3 people under you as down lines, you will get paid weekly. Enjoy Long Rich Network.

Do you desire more out of Life? We are very passionate about helping those who are willing and ready to CREATE a life they can’t wait to live! YES, you too can experience real freedom.

Decide to JOIN the Longrich Trust Wealth TEAM Today!!!


Call/Whatsapp:  Heward Nana Mills Boateng –: +233 245636752

Email me: nanaheward4@gmail.com

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